In July 2018, with the support and guidance of Education Department of Jiangsu and Jiangsu Commission of HealthJiangsu Vocational College of Medicine declared to establish a research center for primary health care and general medicine education in Jiangsu, which has been approved as a key research base for philosophy and social science in Jiangsu colleges and universities. 

    The research center is an independent scientific research entity, directly subordinated to the college, implementing the director’s responsibility system under the guidance of the Academic Board. It boasts research laboratories for Primary health policies and General practiceand adopts the joint research mechanism of employing full-time intramural researchers and part-time intramural and extramural researchers. The center has formed an interdisciplinary, multi-domain, well-constructed research team, which covers both all-time and pluralistic researchers. The team, chaired by Professor Qiao Xuebin, vice-president of Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, engages Professor Shen Hongbing, president of Nanjing Medical University, and Jiang Lun, director of Primary Health Office of Jiangsu Commission of Health, as consultants. The center has also hired more than 10 experts as contract research fellows collaborated with assorted research institutes, such as Nanjing Medical University, Center for Health Development Studies of National Commission of Health, Peking University China Center for Health Development Studies, Chinese Academy of Fiscal Sciences. 

    Committed to national health strategies and policies, in the light of the imbalance and insufficiency of the current basic medical and health services development, and the reality of people's increasing demand on the health service, the center would launch systematical and innovative studies in the aspect of the establishment of basic medical and health services system, health human resourcecultivation of Primary health care, education and training of General practitioners,the regional health industry development, etc. The center aims to explore the innovation mechanism of improvingthe quality and efficiency of Primary health careservices and to build an analysis and decision support system of Jiangsu primary health policies. Furthermore, the center seeks to exert its various functions, for instance, scientific research, academic exchanges, decision-making consultation and training services and to set up a provincial research platform for primary healthdevelopment and general medical education, so as to provide decision-making reference for the government and to facilitate the socioeconomic growth.